In the August edition of our series of artist demonstrations of delicious natural art materials, we focussed on recreating the colours of the sea and the sky using natural blue pigments.

Fine Artist Andrew Field and myself shared an exciting Summer Blues Workshop in which we demonstrated how to use Wallace Seymour Fine Art pigments to create beautiful signature blues for our seascapes and skies. We shared stories and histories as we made oils, watercolours, and tempura from pigments of naturally differing shades and hues. Andrew also took a moment to reflect on how Turner, John Sell Cotman, Thomas Girtin, and Constable created their signature skies in beautiful shades of blue.

Our special guest artist was the amazing Maggie Cochran! She showed us how she uses Wallace Seymour acrylic paints to capture the beauty of the Cornish coast.

Join us in September to explore their wide range of ancient drawing materials…

Wallace Seymour make beautiful quality fine art materials, specializing in rare and ancient colours used by the masters such as Turner and Rembrandt. They are a British company based in Yorkshire and run by artists Pip Seymour and Rebecca Wallace. They have a real passion for producing quality products. Their range of materials can be found at ArtReq and you can order online at Art Req Ltd.