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I’m meeting with the team at Harewood House this week to prepare for our Summer 2022 series of workshops. I’ll be working in collaboration with the Head Gardener at this wonderful country house estate in West Yorkshire to produce a bespoke set of sustainably-sourced natural plant pigments for use in our painting and dyeing classes. More info soon…

I’m really thrilled to be presenting my Kintsugi Workshop for Google Arts & Culture for their creative team based in London, Paris, Hamburg and the US. We’ve been super busy packing up beautiful parcels containing all the kit needed for the session…

If you would like to book a workshop for your arts group, service users or organization please enquire using the CONTACT form.

The Barber Institute of Fine Art invited me to deliver a Look, Notice & Sketch workshop inspired by depictions of the natural world found in their summer exhibition.

It is part of the Making a Mark Exhibition currently being shown at the @barberinstitute curated by the @unibirmingham Art History and Curating MA students.

The exhibition showcases exquisite and intriguing 16th and 17th-century drawings by Dutch and Flemish artists, including Rubens, Rembrandt, and Van Dyck lent by Her Majesty the Queen from the @royalcollection at Windsor Castle. It examines the functions and purposes of drawing and the importance of the artist’s profession. It discusses the techniques and materials used, and the varied ways artists found inspiration for drawing.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”

 – Albert Einstein


Many artists in the 17th-century would craft their own inks and paints using materials they foraged and found. Here is a simple recipe you can use to make your own rich inky tones:


Congratulations to the amazing young artists in Y6 at Heath Mount School who produced such stunning paintings in our 2hr zoom workshop!

The children were in their school’s excellent art facility and I was at home in my studio – but we worked together to study how to capture the beautiful lily blooms using natural, sustainable materials. It was their first taste of painting with watercolours and they harnessed the power of visualization, thinking deeply about shape, line & tone. Well done everyone!

I feel so excited to have been invited to contribute a foreword to the latest edition of Pip Seymour’s excellent guide to pigments for painters, The Artist’s Handbook (published by Lee Press, 2020). Pip is the renowned artisan paintmaker who, along with Rebecca Seymour, is responsible for the stunning range of fine art materials produced in Yorkshire by Wallace Seymour.

The Artist’s Handbook provides artists with in-depth, practical information on the materials, equipment and skills necessary for all areas of artistic practice. Topics covered include advice on how to select appropriate art materials, including paints, brushes, canvases and drawing materials; techniques for making your own paints, glue, varnishes and paper; advice on how to achieve the best results from both manufactured and hand-made materials; the best methods of storing and preserving finished artworks, and health and safety precautions.

The Artist’s Handbook is now in stock at L. Cornelissen & Son

Thanks to everyone who joined us today on zoom for a fun-filled workshop all about the cool dens we can build in the home or garden. Kids of all ages love to have their own special space where they can play, read, or just hide.

Den building is great for the imagination, designing, problem-solving, teamwork,  or just focusing & having fun. If you would like to share your creations that would be great.


We also shared the wonderful secret spaces that animals make – nests, dens & burrows – and did a great draw-a-long together. Why not have a go at drawing a cosy bird’s nest with a clutch of eggs in Pippa’s Scribbly Nest Workshop?


Here are some of our cool creations:


I’m so pleased to have my suminagashi marbling work featured in the latest edition of the prestigious Pressing Matters Magazine.

Suminagashi is the Japanese art of floating inks on the surface of the water to create a monoprint. It is a beautiful art that creates unique patterns, as the paint swishes and swirls on the bath.

Would you like to learn more about this ancient artform, and create your own stunning prints? Check out my live online workshop coming up soon…

Today was brilliant!

We had six students joining us on Zoom for the day from Derbyshire, Manchester, South Wales, Staffordshire & Lancashire for a Big Skies Online Workshop.

In these times of isolation, it was wonderful to spend a full day creating art, learning together, drinking tea and chatting with new friends. Everyone produced loads of stunning sketches, studies and paintings.

Student Artwork

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Absolutely loved the workshop – so much fun! It has really inspired me to do lots more. So nice to spend a complete day painting. I’m hoping to see you for th drawing one in the summer but online was great… would love to do more! Thanks again xx”

-Rhiannon Collins

Thank you so much for today, what a lovely breath of fresh air… I now feel inspired to do more.”

– Jo Tallis

I had a beautiful day, thank you! You did so well – it was really personable even though it was on zoom.”

– Susanna

As we are all faced with times of uncertainty due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I wish to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of my clients and colleagues remain my primary concern and focus.

In view of this, and in line with recommendations and guidelines from the World Health Organisation and our Government, I will be canceling personal appearances at public events and group courses for at least the next 6 weeks. If you have already booked on one of my courses during that period you can expect me to hear from me soon.

However, I will be making more of my courses and artwork available online and I’ll be keeping in touch through Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. I’ll post updates on this as the situation develops. I wish you all a really creative time and please keep you, your loved ones and our community safe.”

– Much love, Pippa xx

***Now SOLD OUT!***

Pippa’s Kintsugi Workshop on May 12th 2020 at the absolutely fabulous Chatsworth House in Derbyshire’s Peak District.

In this Wabisabi inspired class you will work with real gold to repair stunning ceramic pieces that you can take home as treasured momentos at the end of the day.”

The Kintsugi package includes:

  • Beautiful handcrafted ceramics to work with
  • All craft materials & packaging
  • Tea, coffee and fruit juice on arrival
  • Chatsworth still and sparkling water
  • Mid-morning break: tea, coffee & mini pastries
  • Two-course lunch by the Chatsworth chefs
  • Mid-pm break including tea, coffee & biscuits
  • Complimentary parking
  • WIFI

Learn more or book your tickets through Pippa’s eventbrite page…

I’ll be returning to the delightful Dove Valley Activity Centre in the Peak District National Park to host a Kintsugi Workshop on Tuesday 2nd July 2019. Tickets include materials, tuition, and fabulous cakes!

Kintsugi is the magical Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold. This workshop will involve learning some traditional and modern skills of repairing pots. The session will start with using handmade marbled paper, 24k gold leaf and gold thread as we learn about this ancient art. We will then work with a variety of ceramics which will be lovingly repaired using gold metal powder. Each piece restored will be unique and beautiful. This is a wonderful metaphor for life. The cracks and our experiences in life make us stronger, unique, precious and beautiful.

I wasn’t blessed with being good at art but that didn’t matter at all. Pippa is such a fabulous artist herself but a great teacher too and she enabled me to make something beautiful and learn about an age old art. The venue was stunning and the workshop a real joy. Can’t wait for the next one.”



Limited Edition “Little Red” Silkscreen Print 20x20cm

Your chance to own or gift an original Pippa Pixley artwork. Each piece in this hand produced run of only ten silkscreen prints is stamped, signed and numbered by Pippa herself. 20cm x 20cm unframed. Price includes P&P within UK.


That’s me! That’s right, in full Native American costume and sat in front of my tipi! I was invited to visit Saltney Ferry C.P. School in N.Wales to be the secret ingredient in their Wild West themed day. It was great fun! The children were so excited and responded really well to the traditional tales I shared.

I also got to feature some of my own favourite characters, The MiniYarns, in a little story about a cowboy who lost his hat. The children loved joining in by trying to come up with solutions for rescuing it from the top of a prickly cactus!

Activities included group mark-making sessions and also threading story beads and found objects onto string to serve as a mnemonic aid to storytelling. The children produced some beautiful art and performed superbly, being able to recall and retell even complex narratives. Everyone had a truly wild and western kind of day!


Thank you so much for Friday, all the children and staff loved it! Some of the Year 1s and 2s have even made story sticks over the weekend!” – Charlotte Luke, Headteacher


Had a fabulous day working with the lovely staff and children at Whinney Bank Primary School, Middlesbrough, last week. The children found out the secrets of where authors get ideas from, how to create amazingly brilliant beginnings, magnificent middles and exciting endings and the importance of showing-not-telling. They discovered the tools and tricks of how to get your story out of your head and onto the page. Using cool paper engineering techniques they created characters that popped out off the page!

Thank you for a wonderful day which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They were totally engaged in the story making session – as one boy said, “I’m enjoying this – and I don’t even like writing.” They were all highly delighted with their pop-up books and I am sure they will remember your visit for many years to come.”   Gillian Cain, YR2 Teacher

pippa at work image

I’m really excited about bees right now! The Co-operative College has commissioned me to produce a series of three picturebooks and an activity pack to help children in the early years to understand the basic principles of cooperation.

toad lane image

We are creating stories about a cute bee called Harmony who must learn to work together with her friends to get the jobs done – and also have some fun!

These resources will be used by nursery schools linked to the Co-operative College and also by the Rochdale Pioneers Museum. The original building on Toad Lane, which was used as the first successful “co-op” grocery shop in the 1840s, is now open to the public and to school groups.