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I’ve been invited to act as Creative Consultant for a year long project researching the best practice for, and impacts of, introducing Apple mobile devices into six Early Years settings across Merseyside. I’m really keen to be involved with this Digital Journeys project because it promises to answer some real questions about the effectiveness of using ICT with such young learners, whether as continuous provision or in practitioner guided sessions. I am aware that many are sceptical about this…

Too much engagement with this quick-fix technology is making it more difficult for some children to learn to read and write.

Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood

The project is lead by Ann Langston of Early Years Matters who was involved in writing the current Early Years Framework so I look forward to gaining the insights that her experience will bring to our planning, cluster meetings and evaluations. My role will be to provide training to the lead teachers from each participating school to smooth the way as they get to grips with the iPads and iPod Touches that the local education authority is supplying. Aside from “IT support” I’ll be sharing creative ideas about how to integrate features and apps with fun and hands-on activities that will help the children to engage with learning and develop core skills. The best part is that there is sufficient funding for me to visit each setting to provide additional support and see some of my suggestions put into practice…

“If Early Years continues to focus exclusively on traditional forms of literacy, then it will be failing to provide all children with the skills they will need at school and in their future lives.”

Dr Rosie Flewitt, Multimodal Literacies in the Early Years, ESRC 2011