Spring is the time when little chicks are hatched – the dawn chorus is just amazing at this time of year! – and if you look carefully when you are out for a walk you may spot a nest in a bush or up in a tree. Don’t get too close, though, or you may cause harm by scaring the parent birds away!

Can you draw a scribbly bird nest containing a clutch of delicately coloured eggs?

Some birds make their nests super comfy and cosy by lining them with feathers and fluffy stuff. The nest may contain a clutch of tiny eggs, and different species lay eggs of different colours – robins lay lovely little blue eggs.

Birds are superbly skilled builders, cleverly weaving together twigs and grasses to create a sturdy structure. The tailor bird of africa uses its long sharp beak as a needle and actually sews the two edges of a curled leaf together to form a pocket for its nest – how brilliant is that?

Can you make a cosy nest of your own?



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