Join Pippa Pixley, a member of the International Marbling Network, for a creative half-day workshop showing how to make your own beautiful suminagashi printed papers.

Suminagashi is the Japanese art of floating inks on the surface of the water to create a monoprint. It is a beautiful art that creates unique patterns, as the paint swishes and swirls on the bath. Pippa delivers workshops covering the ancient art of Suminagashi, traditional marbling techniques, as well as bookbinding skills to create your own handbound books. Pippa will share the secrets to achieve strong, hi-contrast prints by combining traditional techniques with modern materials.

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Pippa’s suminagashi marbling work was featured in the Spring 2020 edition of the prestigious Pressing Matters Magazine.

The article focussed on the serendipity of this artform, the results dependent on so many environmental factors from the slightest breeze to subtle changes in humidity and pressure.