Premiered in 2016 at Unity Theatre, Liverpool, Scribble & Scrunch is an amazing experience for children in the early years. This story introduces key mark making skills and an understanding of how kinaesthetic movement can form the basis for pre-writing skills. The lovable characters help the young audience to overcome any hesitancy to make their own marks, building confidence and stimulating engagement.

Wavy green lines, what can they be?

Scribble and Scrunch sail over the sea.

What are these dark and jaggedy marks?

Scribble and Scrunch are surrounded by . . .

. . . Sharks!

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Pippa has designed this theatre piece to work perfectly in school or nursery settings. The performance lasts 30min and is followed by a 30min mark making, drawing and storytelling workshop ideal for children aged 3-5.

Find out more by viewing the Performance & Workshop pdf