Would your KS2 children enjoy discovering how to create compelling creative writing? Would they love to learn the secrets of satisfying story structures and top typographical techniques?

Pippa has many written stories and articles for a wide variety of organizations including magazines and book publishers. She is happy to share her experience with your KS2 classes, covering:

  • Story Starters & Structures
  • Rhyme, Rhythm & Repetition
  • Onomatopoeia & Alliteration
  • Wordplay: Portmanteaus, Kennings, Puns & Idioms
  • Similes & Metaphors
  • Typography: Fonts, Emphasis, Punctuation & Layout

Whether you want your children to write like Roald Dahl, create your own book, or simply make measurable improvements in key curricular areas, Pippa can provide the inspiration and skills they need. Simply pick the module that you would like to focus on – or mix & match multiple workshops – and contact Pippa . . .


To book an amazing KS2 Writing Workshop for your school, get in touch with Pippa here…


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