Storybooks are full of maths!

Pippa offers inspirational Maths Workshops for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, helping little learners to quickly grasp and apply mathematical ideas and skills. In each session she will focus on a story that introduces and makes clear a key set of mathematical language and concepts. Choose from:

  • Patterns & Shapes
  • Counting & Numbers
  • Sorting & Matching
  • Maths Language
  • Sequencing & Time
  • Rhythm & Rhyme
  • 3D Modelling

Children quickly pick up these core concepts during Pippa’s fun-filled Maths Workshops – enriched with music, movement, songs and activities.

Pippa features a mixture of her own stories – such as Ten Little Monsters and the Mister Moover series – as well as familiar fairy tales and selected classic picture books. She reveals how stories are structured with a beginning, a middle and an end; feature lots of mathematical language; and tricky problems for the characters to solve.

Perfect for Nursery and Reception classes, each session lasts for one hour. Simply pick the maths area that you would like to focus on, or mix & match multiple workshops, and contact Pippa . . .


To book an amazing Maths Workshop for your school or setting, get in touch with Pippa here…