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With a little help from Pippa primary school children can create their own professionally printed storybooks. They can originate story concepts, map out the plot, generate descriptive language, and produce stunning artwork to illustrate their own tales. To see their own ideas, words and pictures presented to the standard of a published book gives children a tremendous sense of pride and confidence. Each writing project is designed to help children to attain key curricular goals in Literacy and ICT.


What an experience it has been creating such a wonderful text with the amazing Pippa Pixley! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to show the children!”

Mrs Heald, Y2 Teacher – Higher Openshaw Community School

The-Ultimate-Test-Spread3Storybook Project Aims:

Ultimate Cover MockR

Children will learn how to:

  • develop characters
  • structure their story 
  • create a story line
  • storyboard text & illustrations
  • use artwork to convey emotions and complement the written narrative


*Music by the truly wonderful Emily Arrow

Storybook Project Content:

Teaching staff will be provided with worksheets and curated book lists for mentoring texts. As they work with me I will share with them tried and tested techniques for helping every child (even previously reluctant learners) to engage with the storybuilding process. This will include modelling Total Physical Response (TPR)  and the 3M technique – Movement, Mark-Making & Mapping.

ultimate2As a group we will share storybooks: listening, responding, and discussing the ideas and what we liked about them. We will create characters and scenarios that we would like to include in our own story, developing them through role-play and story-mapping. We will play with language, inspiring a love of words, discovering the joy of mixing up the 26 letters of the alphabet to create magical sounds and shapes!

Children will gain an understanding of simple story story structures, planning exciting ways to combine words and pictures into dynamic storyboard layouts. They will explore a variety of fun and engaging illustration approaches, developing visual literacy skills, as they work together to produce lovely artwork to complement their story. 

They will also learn a little about the world of publishing, helping to create posters, blurbs and cover designs to promote their books.





Littlest Cover MockR

At the end of the project every child will be able to obtain a copy of their own book and share in the launch event – in front of friends, family, the local press, and the whole school!


To discuss a Storybook Project for your school Contact Pippa 


 I unveiled the book with great aplomb to the staff and governors last night at a joint meeting and they were all very impressed and some were a little envious I think. We will definitely be working with you again on this type of project.

Barbara Cuff – Headteacher

Take a look at the sample spreads below from recent Storybook Writing Projects:

magic pearl sample image

 The chapter book is fantastic. . . Everything we’ve been working on for our story writing. The children will absolutely love it!”

Mrs Musa – Teacher, Year 2

mermaid sample spread

zonkey sample spread

space sample spread

monster sample spread

 Wow, the book is amazing. I love it! Can’t wait for the children to see it, they will be amazed!

Mrs Moore – Teacher, Year 2

To discuss a Storybook Project for your school Contact Pippa

 We had a whole school assembly ‘book launch’ this week with Pippa reading the new book written by Reception (starring Mrs. Holroyd) and we all watched a ‘making of’ DVD, and then the press came. What a great writing process and a great result!

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