This beautiful boxed set of five picture books, presented in a  custom designed slipcase, was commissioned by The Co-operative Childcare for children attending their national chain of nursery settings. Each book is centred on one of their five Little Pioneer characters, with a lovely rhyming story focussed on one of these key British values:

  • Co-operation
  • Democracy
  • Openness
  • Equality
  • Social Responsibility

For each book Pippa visited one of The Cooperative Childcare’s nursery settings to work with the children on story ideas based around one of the characters they were already familiar with. They engaged in imaginative small world play, role-played, mapped out story sequences as they learned how they can play together, make their own choices, share their feelings nicely, include everyone, and make a difference in the world. The children’s ideas served as an inspirational resource for both writing and illustration.

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Pippa was filmed and interviewed when she visited the Littlehampton Nursery to develop ideas for the Charlie book. The short film was screened at the The Co-operative Childcare’s AGM . . .

Back at the studio, Pippa set to work creating storyboards and text & layout proofs for each book. Final artwork was drawn and coloured digitally, including cover art and the design for the slipcase.


Ping represents openness

Ni hao, my name is Ping and I am four.

My mummy, daddy and I were all born in England but a lot of family still live in China. I know a few Chinese words and my grandparents taught me that in China ‘Gung Ho’ means ‘work together’. I love to work together with my friends to make sure we all have fun. I listen to them because it’s important to me that everybody gets to say how they feel.

We tell each other nicely how we feel!”

Ebo represents Social Responsibility

Ayikoo! My name is Ebo and I’m nearly three.

I haven’t been going to nursery very long because I just moved here from Ghana, but love it! In Ghana my mummy and daddy had jobs as cocoa farmers and they’ve been teaching me all about Fair Trade. At my nursery we learn about all the different ways we can all look after each other and the world. I sometimes bring in my old toys to nursery so that they can be recycled or given to other children who don’t have as many as I do, and that makes me feel good.

We care about each other and our world!”

Alice represents Equality

Hello! My name is Alice and I’m three.

I’m really lucky because I have a sister who lives with me and then on the weekend my daddy brings my other sister and brother over. It’s good having such a big family because there is always someone to play with. At my nursery we have books that are in different languages which some of my friends can speak so they have taught me how to say hello to people that live far away. I love all my friends the same and because they’re all good at different things I always find something fun to do with each and every one of them.

Everyone is special and so am I!”

Charlie represents Co-operation

Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m nearly five.I’ll be going to big school soon. I’ll be sad to leave my nursery as I have been coming here since I was a baby and couldn’t even count! I’m getting big now and at pre‐school I love helping all my younger friends to learn their numbers. I enjoy sharing toys with other children. I like it best when everybody plays together as it makes the games more fun.

We join in, and play together all as one!”

Ela represents Co-operation

Namaste, my name is Ela and I’m three and a half.

I’ve got a Great Aunt who I am named after. Her name is Elaben Bhatt and she lives in India. I want to be just like her when I grow up. She is a lovely lady who helps lots of poor people and she even started a real life bank in Sewa that is just for ladies to use. My mummy says that I’m already like her because I love to help all my friends and I make sure that all the games we play are what everyone wants to do and I always make sure we all have lots of fun together.

We let everybody talk and have their say!”