A museum is just like a time machine,” their teacher said. What could she mean?

Developed through extensive collaboration with the Co-operative College and the Rochdale Pioneers Museum our historical epic is finally published!

ks1 coverThis rhyming picturebook follows two modern schoolkids as they embark on an amazing time-travelling adventure into the grimy world of the Rochdale of 1844. Before making it back to the future they meet some of the original Rochdale Pioneers and witness the opening of their first co-op shop. Along the way they explore the stinky streets, strict classrooms and dangerous workplaces of a Victorian mill town and discover what life was like for many children in the past.

The book is packed with historical facts and includes a glossary, reading comprehension questions and a set of activities ideal for use with KS1/2 children.

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This charming and informative volume is an essential resource for any class studying the Victorians as a topic. It also serves as an excellent introduction to the British co-operative movement and values.

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