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When you invite Pippa to deliver training or lectures at your university, school or setting you can be sure that it will be exciting, inspiring & fun!

Pippa’s programmes are available as either a 1.5hr twilight CPD session or as half-day INSET modules, and include:

  • Exciting Writing: Creative Approaches to Mark Making & Emergent Writing
  • Developing Language & Communication Through Storybuilding
  • The Power of Using Children’s Images: Developing Language
  • Unlocking Imagination: Creative Approaches to Small World Play
  • Sculpting Stories: Third Level Thinking Through 3D Modelling
  • Maximising Engagement through Total Physical Response (TPR)

Developing Language & Communication through Storybuilding

All children love stories! Pippa shares the secrets of how to create amazing stories, and how to help children to progress from basic beginnings to magical middles and exciting endings. We will explore a variety of tools and techniques: creating characters, mark making & mapping, story sequencing, music & movement, rhythm & rhyme, singing & storytelling. You will learn how these different elements can be combined into amazing class projects that give every child the opportunity to build and share satisfying stories.

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exciting writing coverExciting Writing: Creative Approaches to Mark Making & Emergent Writing

Every child is a writer! Some children simply need a little targeted help to gain confidence and to close the gap between the development of their compositional and secretarial skills. Pippa delivered these seminars over the 5 days of the Liverpool Early Years Conference. They focused on her work during a year-long residency with children at the Whitegate Centre nursery. During this long-term project Pippa was able to use her experience as a storybook creator and early years practitioner to introduce effective and age-appropriate methods to encourage children to progress their emergent writing skills.

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The Power of Using Children’s Images: Developing Language & Storytelling

Pippa co-presented this topic with Ros Wilson, former headteacher of Woodfield Nursery School, at Early Excellence. The lecture was based around a long-term collaboration that involved excellent parental engagement and effective use of digital imaging technology and small world play activities with MiniMe character figures to enable young children to understand more fully the world around them. Now developed into a game-changing training session, delivered as a twilight CPD or as an INSET module, to provide practitioners with a toolset of techniques that help to overcome barriers of confidence, language and culture in engaging fully in the process of exploring and discovering themselves, their setting, and their community.

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unlocking imagination book imageUnlocking Imagination: Creative Approaches to Small World Play

Pippa delivered lectures and workshops sharing her successful work with Staghills Children’s Centre at their Early Years Event in Lancashire. This same programme was also developed and presented to headteachers and practitioners attending the Liverpool Early Years Conference. Pippa shares evidence for her belief that small world play is the foundation stone of storytelling and literacy. We live in a world where for many children this essential developmental stage is either compressed or skipped altogether. You will learn tried and tested techniques for delivering play provision and modelling activities that make the best use of freely available resources within the setting and that will fully engage every child in creating their own small world stories.

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Sculpting Stories: Third Level Thinking Through 3D Modelling

Thinking is made visible through 3D modelling, enabling practitioners to recognise and develop higher level thinking skills in their children. This course was built upon a successful project in which children were focused and involved in planning, designing, making, exploring and problem-solving. They worked individually, as well as with each other and their parents, investigating the properties of a wide variety of materials and sharing creative ideas on how to make machines and contraptions. Pippa shares the lessons learned and presents a compelling argument for planning playful projects that really get children thinking!

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Maximising Engagement through Total Physical Response (TPR)

Only a minority of children are auditory learners who are easily able to absorb new information and ideas presented by word of mouth alone. Using visual aids facilitates the learning process for many more children, but the addition of kinaesthetic movement is the key that unlocks the door to 100% engagement. In this session you will learn tried and tested techniques that will have every child totally engaged with the learning process. Pippa will explain and demonstrate the amazingly effective Total Physical Response (TPR) and 3M skillsets, providing activity ideas and resources. When delivered as an INSET module this seminar will include a practical workshop in which teaching staff will receive coaching, specific feedback and peer review.

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You had every one of them engaged and that is so rare – I love it!” – Mrs Hughes, YR2

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Pippa is highly experienced at delivering lectures, workshops and seminars that inspire!

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