Kintsugi is the magical Japanese art of repairing broken pots with gold, part of the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi, an appreciation of the perfectly imperfect things in life. This live online workshop is an uplifting and sociable experience as we explore together the philosophy behind appreciating what is truly valuable and mending what was broken…

This is a wonderful metaphor for life. The cracks are our experiences in life – we don’t have to be broken by them – they can make us stronger and more beautiful. Instead of hiding the cracks that life brings you embrace them, turn them into something unique, something magical. It is the experiences that happen to us that shape us and make us who we are, who we become.”

Pippa’s Kintsugi artwork is featured in issue 42 of the internationally renowned UPPERCASE magazine.

Pippa’s Kintsugi Online Workshop includes the opportunity to mend a broken heart!

You will receive a package in advance containing all the specialist materials you will need for the session, including a handcrafted ceramic loveheart in need of a little TLC.

The session will start with using handmade marbled paper, 24k gold leaf and gold thread as we learn about this ancient traditional art. We will then lovingly repaire a broken heart using lacquer and gold metal powder. This will be unique and beautiful.

In this wabi-sabi inspired class you will work with gold to repair stunning ceramic pieces that you can keep as treasured momentos at the end of the day.”

The  Kintsugi Online Workshop package includes:

  • Handcrafted loveheart ceramic to work with
  • All craft materials & packaging supplied
  • Pre-recorded video tutorials
  • Live video workshop
  • Materials list
  • Downloadable resources




Kintsugi Online Workshop – 3rd June 2020

1pm-3pm (London time) – Includes: All craft materials & packaging; Pre-recorded video tutorials; Live video workshop; Materials list; Downloadable resources. Order by 10am 28/5/20 to receive materials in advance